Home Sick

9AB3F1E4-C802-4DA1-9EBA-4CE1CAF24E7D.jpegI painted this with purpose….to make my daughter home sick. Our west coast view of Mt Baker which is always snow topped and shining in the far distance in most views from Victoria. My camera seems to make things a bit darker than they are , but if you look closely the snow topped beauty exists in there.

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Kitchen Garden

70D21539-E3DB-400F-AF19-B44F6E560B35.jpegUnfortunately the camera doesn’t show bright lime green very well as this painting is much brighter. However the idea is there. This now hangs in my daughter’s kitchen next to the window with a similar view. To clarify, the view in the summer. Today the garden outside is covered in snow and the vegetation is frozen at -36C. I hope this (brighter in real life) adds warmth to her kitchen.

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Creative moment in the snow


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The Universe

4BE628C5-4939-470E-96AD-E90FE71A350A.jpeg“The only things in my life that compatibly exist with this grand universe are the creative works of the human spirit.” Ansel Adams

my painting gift to my daughter and her “man” about the universe. (As he requested).

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Wedding Gift


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3D rings


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Inspiration from My Trip to India

After holidays I often get what I call the “after holiday blues’. To prevent the “blues” after my recent trip to India I started to refinish a set of drawers I had laying around the garage.The idea was to then fill the drawers with paint and supplies for my studio.

Once finished and filled, I kept the creative juices going and painted my “India” painting seen here. Many beautiful things stand out in my mind when I think of India. All your senses are stimulated at once and continually while there. The one thing I will always remember is beautiful smiling people. Their eyes stand out the most as they sparkle endlessly.

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Merry Christmas to the staff at Palladium Dental in Ontario

A small gift of appreciation for all you have done for my daughter and myself at your dental clinic. My daughter Nikki has enjoyed working with all of your these past 6 months and I have thoroughly appreciated the care you have given to me as well. Merry Christmas all.

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Last minute making for those last minute shoppers from Regina. Thank you to my sister-in-law for her support and encouragement, and to her friends for appreciating my art. ENJOY and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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SHOEBOX classes

Last summer I was honoured to take a class on KNots and BOxes with Julia Lowther. I had wished I had taken her shoebox class first as I am sure it would have helped me with many of my techniques. I am very grateful for all she taught me and loved the class I did take however. I have since them, made many knotted and boxed rings and love both the techniques. Julia is a fantastic instructor. Recently she posted the items in her Shoebox for those of us that have taken her classes. What a generous and thoughtful, supportive person. I encourage you to follow her blog and to join as many classes as you can that she is teaching. She works out of Washington state, but totally worth the trip. She does come to Canada, so watch for her. She is truly outstanding.
Merry Christmas all.

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